Friday, October 12, 2012



What's new and on the SkulpTools Workbench Now?

New SkulpTools Distributor!

I'm delighted to announce that Clay Alley, an online webstore based in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is now a distributor of SkulpTools. [] Clay Alley sells polymer clay and many other products and supplies for sculptors and creative folks of all artistic persuasions. 

Years back, as a customer I was impressed with their 
great customer service. 
So I didn't hesitate to begin working with 
Clay Alley owner, Karen Rhodes

Check out Clay Alley's selection of all sorts of craft and sculpting supplies, They carry a well-rounded assortment all of the major brands of polymer clay, as well as air dry clay and others.


SkulpTools Tool Reviews Coming Up Soon

I am VERY excited to say that I have been corresponding with several online and print publications and forums who are interested in reviewing SkulpTools. I'll certainly have more to write as those details are firmed up. But I will say that some of the more well-read pubs' are enthused about writing about SkulpTools for their readers to view.


New Tools on the Workbench!!

I'm currently working on a new combo tool. Photos and details will be coming soon. At this point it's a prototype tool, which will soon be checked out by some of my "beta testers". 

Although I make several specialty tools, which perform specific sculpting tasks, I'm always looking for an all-around tool style that appeals to a broad spectrum of sculptors. I may just have found it with this new tool. Stat tuned!

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