Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Tools in SkulpTools Studio Store

SkulpTools Acrylic Clay Shaper Tools!

Featured tool has short and long tapered points

Three exciting new acrylic clay shaper modeling tools are now available at SkulpTools Studio Webstore and in the SkulpTools Etsy Shop at: 
It seems, no matter how careful you are, if you drag a tool across clay it leaves marks. These Acrylic Shapers fill the need for small tools that are sturdy enough to push a lot of clay around with some force behind them, while leaving a smooth finish. 

SkulpTools Silicone Mini Roller tool quickly smoothes out clay in open areas with medium pressure. But these acrylic shaper tools get in to tight spots to roll clay smooth in situations that call for some targeted “muscle”. They have a glossy-smooth finish and work ideally for moving clay out of or into areas with a rolling motion. They work out bumps and creases in spots that would be hard to reach with fingers. And they create a very smooth surface and quickly wipe out tool marks and fingerprints. Used with a rolling motion, these tools quickly smooth out lumps and creases and can shift the clay around, leaving a nice smooth surface.

The various shaped ends work on different contours of your work piece. And yes, you could just move the clay with your fingers, but then you’d have to follow up and correct any mis-shaped parts and then smooth out all the finger prints and marks. Plus some spots are just too small for fingers to work in.
As with all my tools, these are designed as time savers for small scale clay work.

They come in three styles: Long & Short Tapered [pictured above], 

Blunt & Rounded


Blunt Tapered & Flat Tip. 

They also are sold as a three-tool set.

They are are ideal for working in polymer, water or oil-based, air-dry, cold porcelain clays, fondant or dough. They are ideal for bead and jewelry makers and sculpture artists alike. You'll find lots of uses for them.

Beaver Tail Sculpting Tool by SkulpTools

When I began to design sculpting tools, I was frustrated by the limited control offered by the slick wood or very skinny metal handles of other tools on the market. SkulpTools have unique easy to hold handles - perfect for those with hand pain or difficulty gripping tools. The handles allow you to focus your concentration on your art rather than on controlling your tool!

This deluxe SkulpTools original design called the Beaver Tail Sculpting Tool has a paddle-shaped end and a tapered paddle shaped end. These tips have a very subtle curve to them so that they can be used for smoothing, sculpting or flattening your clay. The outer edges are rounded and smooth, allowing for sculpting without cutting, which minimizes tool marks.

This tool style currently comes in four sizes: 3/8", 1/4", 3/16" and 1/8"

To purchase these tools and see many more SkulpTools you can either click on the "Etsy Mini" at the upper right of this page or go to:

These tools are ideal for sculpting with minimal tool marks left behind, they are made in four sizes: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" and 3/8" wide.